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Southern Illinois University

Scene Design: Ronald Naversen

Lighting Design: James Moody

Production Photos: Steve Buhman

This production provided some fun unique challenges. The deck was a 28' oval on a rake surrounded by curved walls and raked escape platforms. Good preparation and planning led to the main deck being installed in one afternoon. 

Additionally the marble busts on the walls were automated to turn in unison.

lazy suzan table1
glowing eyes
lazy suzan table
Busts looking at center
Busts looking at Tartuffe
curtain call backs to aud
lazy suzan table 2
wide with actors

Arduino Powered Turning Busts

LIR Busts
Arduino mount
Tartuffe Wiring Blocks
Led Eyes
Eye test
Electrical Diagram
Tartuffe 4 motor diagram
Tartuffe Console Tables
Servo mount
Table&head mount
Busts looking at center

Drafting Samples

LIR Drafting
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