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Porgy and Bess

The Glimmerglass Festival

Assistant Technical Director: Scenery Operations

Director: Francesca Zambello

Scene Design: Peter J. Davison

Lighting Design: Mark McCullough

Costume Design: Paul Tazewell

Technical Direction: Ross Rundell

Photo Credit: Carrington Spires & Stephanie Nimick

For the Summer of 2017 I served as the Assistant Technical Director of Scenery Operation/Shop Manager for the Glimmerglass Festival 2017 season. Four large scale productions ran in repertory at the Alice Busch Opera Theater: Porgy and Bess, Xerxes, The Siege of Calais, and Oklahoma!

BES Act 1 CarringtonSpires
BES SR Wall Doors
BES SR Wall Staircase
BES Porgy Wall
BES Funeral Wall
BES SL Wall Production StephanieNimick
BES Act 1 StephanieNimick
BES ACT 2 CarringtonSpires
BES Drafting

Production Archive Drafting Samples

A major responsibility of my position was to create archival drawings for future set rentals and tours. This included editing and cleaning up the 3D AutoCAD files and photo documentation of complex components. The photos below link to files that showcase my work

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