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Big River

Utah Shakespeare Festival 2018

Director: Melissa Rain Anderson

Scene Design: Jason Lajka

Lighting Design: William C. Kirkham

Costume Design: K. L. Alberts
Technical Director: Thomas K Fagerholm
Assistant Technical Director: Robert Anderson


This production ran July through October in repertory with The Foreigner during the summer and another USF production in the fall, The Liar. All units were flown or on casters in order to change over quickly and easily with minimal crew.


 Photo: Karl Hugh 


"The Royal Nonesuch"

 Photo: Karl Hugh 


"Free At Last"

 Photo: Karl Hugh 

From Design Model to Finished Stage

model funeral.jpg

Model by Jason Lajka

Act II Funeral Scene


Photo: Karl Hugh

BR Model skiff.jpg

Model by Jason Lajka

Act I Skiff Scene


Photo: Jason Lajka


The Raft

The raft for Big River was requested by the director and designer to move as freely as possible without effort by the actors. The original design called for a low profile bicycle inside the raft. Since the effort to move a raft 6'x 10 ' would be quite great, I offered the use of an electric wheel chair base from SIU. The raft was engineered to fit a crew member inside for the run of the show with only an intermission break. The seat and leg rests were fitted with upholstery foam for comfort.


Photo: Karl Hugh


Photos: Tom Fagerholm

Aluminium Frame to reduce weight.


Seat testing & compartment

Mid-stage Dock

Midstage Dock

The mid-stage dock was a technical challenge as it needed to move smoothly across stage while also carrying 8 characters during the slave boat scene. To create consistent and repeatable movement throughout the production, we utilized an automated winch, a first for USF on the Randall stage.

Midstage Dock Rendering.jpg

Construction Rendering


Photo: Jason Lajka


Photo: Karl Hugh

BIG Bid & Drafting

Bid Summary

Drafting Package

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